MC Digital Realty Expands Osaka Footprint,
Launches Fourth Data Centre at Osaka Campus

~Carrier-neutral metro campus offers up to 70MW IT capacity and global connectivity to a vibrant connected data community via PlatformDIGITAL🄬 *~

Japan, FEBRUARY 17, 2023 – MC Digital Realty, a 50/50 joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty providing a full suite of data center solutions in Japan, announced today the official opening of KIX13, the fourth building on the 23,000sqm Osaka data centre campus. A three-story facility reinforced with seismic isolation systems for resilience against earthquakes, KIX13 offers customers institutional quality digital infrastructure solutions of up to 21 megawatts (MW) of IT capacity in one of the most highly sought-after markets for cloud data centers in the world*.

The addition of KIX13 brings total IT capacity at the MC Digital Realty Osaka campus to over 70MW, to meet surging demand for digital infrastructure in Japan.

As enterprises in Japan transition to the cloud*, cloud service providers are increasing their footprint in Tokyo and Osaka* to serve accelerating consumer and enterprise demand for cloud services, driving growth of Japan’s data center market. As well, Japan’s national digital transformation initiative*, internet usage and the advent of 5G has seen demand for online gaming, streaming and fintech services soar, adding to the need for institutional quality infrastructure solutions.

Over and above its position as a thriving financial and colocation center and a gateway for international exchanges, Osaka is also home to a broad cross-section of companies spanning a wide variety of industrial fields, as well as universities and specialist organizations carrying out high-level research and technological development. Its emergence as a central hub for domestic and international firms looking to deploy secondary or disaster recovery data center footprints in Japan is also attracting major investment into the development of digital infrastructure in the area.

In the new digital world where data is critical, the pivotal role of data centers to help organizations mitigate the challenges of Data Gravity* and unlock innovation is now more vital than ever before. The carrier-neutral Osaka campus is an important pillar of Digital Realty’s strategy to strengthen its network of connected communities in APAC and globally. This ServiceFabric*-enabled site provides customers a global, open and secure interconnectivity solution and seamless access to the PlatformDIGITAL🄬 community of enterprises, cloud and network service providers and other ecosystem members.

“We have been working to create a next-generation interconnection platform that goes beyond the "traditional" data center business to create new business opportunities and value-added services for our customers,” says
Bampo Tezuka, Representative Director, CEO, MC Digital Realty, Inc. "Our Osaka campus offers flexible scalability, robust power supply capacity suitable for high load servers and stringent security compliant with international standards. Along with colocation services for enterprises offered within the same campus, we strive to further extend Digital Realty’s PlatformDIGITAL🄬 to offer our customers the global data center platform to support their digital transformation needs.”

"The completion of KIX13 takes the MCDR Osaka campus to the next level, offering customers a spectrum of solutions that break down barriers to achieve our goal of creating a global connected-data community,” says Serene Nah, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, Digital Realty. “Acceleration of Data Gravity in Japan* is expected to be amongst the highest in the world by 2024. KIX13 not only expands MCDR’s Osaka footprint but also extends the reach of Digital Realty’s world-class data center platform to help our customers in Japan and globally to mitigate the challenges of Data Gravity. It is a major milestone in our vision to be the meeting place for businesses and data, and will play a significant role in helping Digital Realty build the world’s largest fabric-of-fabrics.”

About Digital Realty
Digital Realty brings companies and data together by delivering the full spectrum of data center, colocation and interconnection solutions. PlatformDIGITAL®, the company's global data center platform, provides customers with a secure data meeting place and a proven Pervasive Datacenter Architecture ™ (PDx) solution methodology for powering innovation and efficiently managing Data Gravity challenges. Digital Realty gives its customers access to the connected communities that matter to them with a global data center footprint of 300+ facilities in 50+ metros across 27 countries on six continents. To learn more about Digital Realty, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About MC Digital Realty
Company name: MC Digital Realty, Inc.
Headquarters location: 1-3-1, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Toranomon Global Square 12th floor
Representative: Bampo Tezuka, Representative Director, CEO,
Capital: 200 million yen (Mitsubishi Corporation 50% Digital Realty 50% stake)


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